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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ebbella, a mystery girl

Greetings all.
Into the school year now, and my workload is heavy but manageable.
I have been processing thoughts on the least defined of the characters in Toivo's little squad:  Ebbella, the girl from the Hidden Villages.  She is a Clear topaz, and as such, her range of the Spectrum is up above the Visible, into the ultraviolet and above.
I have been treating her char as that quiet girl who is sitting on the side of the room, silently reading a book or some such...but when you look again, you can see  that she is gazing intensely at you, her eyes full of questions.
I had originally based her appearance on one of the girls that I was teaching many years ago, but then I saw a face in a National Geographic article about the Sami people....and then, like a splash in the face, I was looking at Ebbella.  Triggered all sorts of side-thoughts:



Clown Geetwo said...

Hi, my name is Nick. I'm one of your brother's students from Norseman JMS. He is reading to us your manuscript of your book. I am enjoying it so far but I'd like to know a bit more about the Peridot realm's powers. Please contact me at

Thank you.

Jeff Gartshore said...

Nick, hi there.
Peridotite (the name of the mineral that peridots come from) is a trememdously strong fella. It is part of the mantle of the entire planet.

It's power is...Power, any and all forms of it. That could mean that they are able to generate the type of power necessary to run a vehicle, or fire an energy weapon. It could also mean that they have an instinctive understanding of the rules of any given situation, so that they can maximize the social power surrounding them. It could mean the power that a performing star has over his\her audience, or . . . more pertinently, political power that is granted to elected officials.

I'm exploring the concepts as they surface, Nick. Thanks for asking.

On a personal level, being a Peridot probably means that you tend to be able to lead in situations, often taking charge when there is no clear leadership evident. You often have a well-thought out plan for the situation and you get very, VERY frustrated when other people do not see the wisdom of YOUR plan.

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