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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ebbella, a mystery girl

Greetings all.
Into the school year now, and my workload is heavy but manageable.
I have been processing thoughts on the least defined of the characters in Toivo's little squad:  Ebbella, the girl from the Hidden Villages.  She is a Clear topaz, and as such, her range of the Spectrum is up above the Visible, into the ultraviolet and above.
I have been treating her char as that quiet girl who is sitting on the side of the room, silently reading a book or some such...but when you look again, you can see  that she is gazing intensely at you, her eyes full of questions.
I had originally based her appearance on one of the girls that I was teaching many years ago, but then I saw a face in a National Geographic article about the Sami people....and then, like a splash in the face, I was looking at Ebbella.  Triggered all sorts of side-thoughts: