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Saturday, November 26, 2011

the process

Got chapter 7 re-tooled now.  Chewing on 8.  I've lost some momentum with the self-editting task, but I chug away at it still.  Real-life tends to be distracting....gets in the way of this mild, self-induced obsession that I'm using here.  So be it.

I'm going to be adding Historical references to the beginning of each chapter, in such a way as to show the larger universe that my stories come from.   Thank you, Kristen.  That wife of mine is still one of my strongest idea-banks.  xxoo

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Re-tooling of Manuscript draft #4...

Update:  Got a draft of the entire manuscript now.  The self-editting process is my current challenge now.

As of right now, I've got Ch. 2 re-worked. Heh. I thing I'm picking up speed here. Now, I use the momentum to finish retooling by the end of this week, then....then I send out my first query letter to a literary agent, with samples of my work.

More news, as it filters down.