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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interesting possibility

Hello there, everyone.
Yes, it has been a long time since I wrote last.  I've been focused as much as possible on my teaching career right now, and this project is on hold - which means that I've been processing things subconsciously, of course.

1)     Concept....I think that Ebbella is actually TWINS!  Ebba, the true Clear topaz sister, and Ella, whom the Heart of Light has gifted differently.   Ella is a extremely rare Pink topaz!  (in RL, pink topazes ARE that rare.  Their crystals are usually so tiny that they are useless for jewelry.  When you do find one large enough to polish and mount, it is quite valuable.  Therefore in the stories, Ella has a variant of the Clear topaz powers.  Haven't worked the details out on that one yet, but I'm sure it will bubble to the surface when I'm least expecting it.
She and her sister are identical, and in the Hidden villages, when you are "gemin", there is a strong tradition of twins trading places continuously.  It means that they both have the same knowledge as each other.
How would they be able to do this?  Heh heh heh.   This one jumped out at me.  They see things that are invisible to most people, even in the Realm of Light.  They would be able to see the tiny EM emissions that are distinctive to different gem-types (which resembles opalsight, which sees every hidden thing, and the Peridot's sense about what Power an individual has.)   That means that, like the Opals, they can see the Hidden Pathways between the Realms. . . . secret trans-dimensional worm-holes that criss-cross the universe in every which way.  The Clear topazes use them to appear and disappear in secret.    Hence, Ebba and Ella are BOTH in the Squad with Elpis.
(I figure one of them has a deep abiding crush on Elpis, too.  ;-)

This little tidbit will not be surfacing in the stories until Elpis reaches the Diamond Realm during his Academy Journey, which is quite a ways off, given that the first book is still being chewed on here.    I just keep filing these little connections away, and eventually they will be able to be woven together.

Thanks for following my ramble.


p.s. This post resembles one posted a while ago, where the idea of Pink topaz surfaced.  This thought was developed a little further than the last one, imho.

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