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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still here, and chugging subconsciously

Hello all.
Yes, August is here and soon we teachers will be grinding out our plans for the new school year.  The re-drafting of the manuscript is still on the back burner at the mo', but that is not to say that the brain is mush.  In the process of getting my head organized, that durned creative spark just keeps making connections...
Ebbella, understated girl in Elpis' squad...member of the secretive clear topaz region.   I got to thinking about her the other day.  I already see her as clear as day in my head, but her region to is NOT visited while Elpis is a boy. The reason for that hit me whilst wandering around in the rocks and minerals section of the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto.  There is no possible way that Elpis would have been sent to visit there: the mineral opal glows when exposed to ultraviolet light, which is the range of the topaz Spectrum that the clears command.  His opal powers would have been lit up like a beacon, and that would have been the end of one of the shorter-lived plot lines in all of literature.
Heh, I am beginning to think that she is unique in her tribe too...because I have envisioned a moment when she has to use her powers at full adept level, and it is revealed that she is a PINK topaz...rarest format of the gem.  ( true fact topazes are usually so small as to be useless.  Get one big enough to facet and mount and you have a truly valuable jewel.)

We shall see if that can be woven into the tale when I get to that end of the narrative.

Take care.

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