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Friday, February 3, 2012

A fresh crew...welcome

If you are new to my blog, I bid you welcome. 

Just so that I can get a sense of who you all are, could you please....

1)     Introduce yourself
2)     Mention what month / gem you are

If you want to tell me a bit about yourself, you are welcome to.  This is a blog that I'm using as a thinking space for the stories.  There are many concepts here that I'm exploring for stories that happen later on in the Arc. 

I will answer, if I can, answer any questions you would like to ask me.

I really appreciate your interest, and I look forward to your reactions as you move forward in the reading of my work.

Fate Favor You.

Jeffrey A. Gartshore.


Anonymous said...

I am a student in your brother's class ( S. Gartshore.) Im 11 years old and i am born in the month of march. therefore i am the auquamarine/MATTER CONTROL. i truly admire you for coming up with these amazing powers.

norseman opal group member said...

(i am the anonymous from comment #1) a good powerful song for diamond is
Chinese, by lily allen
it isn't a heavy metal song but it has alot of power in it

Jeff Gartshore said...

Hello Anonymous! Aquamarine rocks. They have influence over Matter, but the essence of their power is the concept of CHANGE. Nice to meet you.

Norseman opal group member, hi there!.
Don't know that one. I shall look it up. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yo, another student from Norseman here. My month is September, and Im happy to be here!

Jeff Gartshore said...

Hello anonymous sapphire person from Norseman. Glad to have you here.

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