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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

more imagery from the story arc

At this point, I'm thinking that each world that Topaz visits on his Journey will get its primary inspiration from a particular song.

Opal:  Bring Me to Life,  by Evanescence

Sapphire:  Shut Up and Drive, by Rihanna
                Ordinary Day, by Great Big Sea
                Downeaster Alexa, by Billy Joel
                St. Elmo's Fire, by John Parr

Peridot:    Almost, from the movie Enchanted
               The Cup of Life, by Ricky Martin
               American Wake (The Nova Scotia set),  from Riverdance

Ruby:     Awake,  by Godsmack
             Return of the King, from the sountrack to the movie 300

Pearl:     Serenity, by Godsmack
             Moonlight Desires, by Gowan

Emerald:   Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns 'n Roses

Diamond:  ?

Aquamarine:    Pirates of the Carabbean, (nuff said)

Amethyst:   Take On Me, by A-Ha.

Garnet:     That Don't Impress Me Much, by Shania Twain

Turquoise:  Circle Game,  by Joni Mitchel

Topaz:     Wanted Dead or Alive, by Bon Jovi
               Firework, by Katy Perry

Now that I've captured this list, and can actually see it with my eyes, I understand why some of the story elements that I've imagined are not all that clear for me.  I need to get some powerful, image-ful songs in my head for Diamond, that's for sure.  We'll see.  This is a side thought for me, of course.  Still chugging away at the first one here. 
Morgan, the daughgter of a friend of the family, read the first few chapters, and liked 'em.  Being 13, she's the target audience.  Yay for me...I'm writting in a way that is accessible for the adolescent mind, so far.  Now to keep it up.



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